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If you are doing everything right on your diet part then apart from Creatine which Gunjan suggested add BCAA if your budget allows it, it will help.
Friend do what I say, first take one thing out of your mind "Cardio is best way to loose weight", no its not, it might help you to build stamina and endurance but you cant continue to loose weight on cardio. Take my advice, lift heavy weights in the Gym and correct your diet. "You cant outrun your diet". I cant comment on your diet unless i know what you are eating and how much calories you are taking. Tell me your daily schedule and workout pattern either here or on my mail ID.
Well thats purely based on genetics if you will get 8 pack abs or not. Remember you can't grow extra muscle you can just grow whats already there. First you need to lean down to a really low body fat % (Preferably under 10% body fat, around 8% would be ideal), with that you can easily see your abs and there definitions and if you got lucky you will see what you are looking for, then you can grow them to an acceptable level with training even then you have to keep the BF % very low (under10%)

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