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Hey,  If you want to devvelop cuts go on a fat loss schedule.  Try carb cycling, with high amount of protein. Get you profile analysis don't from our experts theey will show you the right path. follow this link below:|;p:0|;c:bodybuilding|;
Because you are not taking care of your macros properly.  Avoid steroids as much as you can, because you can gain weight easily by taking care of your diet and training properly. Our experts handle these issues very efficiently.You can hire them for three months at a meager amount.  follow the link below:|;p:0|;c:bodybuilding|;
Primary focus on diet! Secondary focus should be on training and lastly a good mass gainer. Keep a track of your daily calorie intake and eat accordingly!  If you need help with a customized diet and training plan you can sign up on the link below:|;p:0|;c:bodybuilding|;
Of course bro! Protein is the building block of your muscles which helps in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance! Now the amount depends on the intensity of your workout, your BMR and body profile. For further assistance talk to our experts through the link below|;p:0|;c:bodybuilding|;  
Hi Aman, Great achievment indeed! Just know that spot reduction is not possible. Go on a fat loss schedule and take help from an expert in diet and training plans.  For professional help you can sign up on the link below:|;p:0|;c:bodybuilding|;
1. If it is in the spine, rest and get it checked. 2. If it is muscular, enjoy. Increase glutamine intake.

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