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Hi There are plenty of workouts/diets in our blogs section and link this: and for advising i need to know first your diet plan then only i can suggest further.
Hi You need to do training like once you hit the gym you nee to do warm uo exercises then weight training for 1 body part then at last you need to do cardio for 20 min relegiously and in your diet less fat,less salt,less simple carbs with appropriate amount  of protein near about 81 gm according to your IBW .
Hi  Firstly i want to tell you that according to your height your wt idealy should be  81 kgs so for that you need to take proper high calorie diet with foods which are high in glycemic index so that you can gain good fat and dont take trans fat that means outside and junk food  with good amount of protein in supplement you can take high calorie gainer like on serious mass , dymatize super mass gainer etc.and please be regular with your exercise routine so that you will burn out extra fat because our target to gain weight with muscle mass.   Thanks    
Hi  As i read your question here i would like to say that according to your ht your ideal wt should be 73 kgs so you need to take proper calorie diet chart and supplement =you can go for medium calorie mass gainer which has the protein 1:3 carbohydrate .so that protein will recover your muscle and carbohydrate will provide you energy because for gaining muscle you require both protein and carbohydrate like-muscle blazexxl,ultimate  nutrition muscle juice etc.   Thanks  
Hi  This is very good question to know about weight loss naturally ,first of all you need to take of 3 things diet,training,supplement in which training = one body part daily first start with warm up exercise then weight training for 1 body part and then cardio at last for 15 min and take less simple carbs ,less fat,less salt and proper calorie diet chart which can i only let you know once you confirm me your ht and wt so that i can provide proper calorie diet chart and please let me know if you have any medical issue so that i can suggest you with supplement .   Thanks  
Hi  This calories are very good to gain weight.
Hi Its ok to use fat burner but along with it you need to take protein shake also to maintain your muscle mass and along with it do proper training with cardio 15 mins after weight training  and diet with less fat,sugar and salt.for proper diet and training cconsult on link given below:|;p:2|;c:consult|;
Hi You need to take less food before training that means you need to give gap in between the meal and workout of 1-2 hrs and try to take instant energy food like banana,apple before workout . 
Hi  Yes ,that is very much necessary to take the protein shake along with fat burner to tmaintain your muscle mass.
Hi  Yes along with fat burner it is very much necessary to take protein shake for keep maintaining your muscle mass.
Hi You need to do daily workout on regular basis along with it keep managing your diet with less simple carbohyrates ,less fat ,salt and sugar. along with it you need to protein according to your IBW fpr diet chart consult on link given below :|;p:2|;c:consult|;
Hi CLA doesnt give you spot reduction ,it s a slow fat burner and beside this it totally depend on your calorie intake that how much you are eating and how much you are burning ,if you are looking for fast fat reduction take fat burner which increase your BMR and you can burn more calories and along with this kindly manage your calories.
Hi  I think you need to take proper diet chart according to your BMR that how much calories you require /day for loosing fat so,for the time being you can take less of simple carbs,less sugar,less fat and salt on daily basis and take protein according to your IBW.for more knowledge you can register on this:|;p:2|;c:consult|;
Hi You need to do proper training , supplement,diet these 3 things together will help you in weight loss,in training do cardio after your weight training for atleast 15 min ,take near about 1800 kcal diet in which less of simple carbs,less fat,less salt and sugar and take protein which is required for your body and in supplements you can take apple cider vinegar -digastion ,isolate protein etc for more enquiries you can register on|;p:2|;c:consult|;

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