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If you want to hain muscles you need protein for sure and if you are not able to take required quantity by your daily meals u need to supplement your diet with preferably whey proteins if you can afford them. Please do not ever try cheap protein powders.
Also I recommend using meal replacements for now . That will help you maintain and increase calorie intake.
You can increase your calorie uptake significantly by following the below tweaks. If possible try to buy and consume 1 kg banana on a daily basis (very effective weight gainer) buy 2 packs of sundrop peanut butter each month (2*250 gm) and spread 2 spoons on whatever you eat. Also keep salted Moong dal in large amount to consume whenever you get even a little bit hungry or atleast 2-3 hrs. There are many easy and cheap solutions if you are really dedicated towards bodybuilding..Hope this helped.. All the best..

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