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Yes you can just you need to eat more . more protein more carbs more fats
Dude supplements just increase you results by 5% or 10% maximum not more than that u should focus on nutrition. Improve your nutrition since you are underweight i can see those chicken legs. also a whey protein will be a whey protein doesnt matter all international brands are equivalent. I would suggest instead of wasting your money on supps go for good quality nutrition.
Well that not possible either you increase your muscle size or you shred body fat. Both goals cannot be attained at the same time also it depends on your current status if you are skinny i suggest u should go for bulking first and if you are in middle i would say increase your  base caloric intake by 500 calories and then increasing 100 calories every week and keep monitoring ur weight. A 1kg increase would be good every week and keep checking ur body fat percentage  

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