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That depends on the type of cardio one does. If its HIIT (High intensity cardio) then muscle loss can occur but LISS (Low intensity cardio) will not. For more information kindly read our best cardio exercises article.
You should increase your calories. Also read our ultimate guide for skinny guys.
For that pleae provide additional information in the form of your age, height and weight.
Kindly read our article on beginners guide to growing arms. It will surely help you but remember to always engage in compound movements.
Glad you asked. So maintainance is based on the BMR formula. The exact formula and how to calculate calories is given in our counting calories article. Please read that.
To learn everything about Garcinia Cambogia kindly read our article here.
Gaining and losing weight is quite simple actually. All you need to do is count your calories. For further information on how to do this, read our counting calories article.
The pump is basically your lood being rushed into the muscles and that's what causes the swelling in the muscles. What you must understand that this will always be temporary. It can't be permanent. Continue to train heavy.
Kindly read our fat burner explained article to understand how to take this.
You should start weight training regularly, get at least 8 hours of sleep and most improantly eat and supplement properly. This will help you make tremendous progress.
A better option is to go to your doctor and take the medication he or she prescribes. 
Clenbuterol is a steroid and thus has side effects that include jittering, extreme sweating, yellow skin etc. Do not take this. For further information read our steroid side effects article. 
I am not sure of this supplement. In any case if it markets itself as a 'natural' testosterone booster, it's probably not going to work so avoid this. Rather spend your money on food and get sleep. 
Amino Energy is more of a pick me up during the day. For a preworkout I'd recommend Torque by MuscleBlaze. For further information read our Best Ingredients in Preworkout article.
MuscleBlaze or anyother BCAA for that matter will not have any side effects. They are simply free form amino acids that absorb more quickly into your body. For more details read our BCAA explained article here.

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