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You should go for a mass gainer and have it twice a day. Once after your workout and once before you sleep.
You should increase your meal intake. At least 5-6 meals a day with the proper amount of protein, carbs and fat alongside regular workout of 5-6 days. For more details read our ultimate skinny guy mass gaining guide.
Yes they are safe as long as companies are putting in safe, tested and known ingredients. For more information kindly view our fat burner explained article.
It depends on whether you want to bulk or cut. SInce you're skinny and want to make lean gains, stick with your whey protein.
Since you are just starting out, don't need to take any supplements as such. Firstly focus on doing the exercises regularly and with good form. Then you should focus on your diet, understanding how to manipulate macros. After that go for supplements.
Don't focus immediately on the supplements. First eat in a caloric surplus, meaning you should be eating more than your body uses for energy. After you have mastered this, then go for a mass gainer, having 1 scoop after your workout and 1 scoop before you sleep.
There's an article titled ectomorph bodybuilding and the ultimate guide to skinny guys. Kindly look at that. Search for the same in the search bar.
It can be done on a budget of around 2-3000. Take a solid multivitamin and eat mostly lean protein like eggs
So the 4 supplements I'd recommend are: Whey Protein, Glutamine, Creatine and most importantly a good multivitamin. These will help you greatly achieve your goal.
Take creatine post workout, or after your workout. Take 5grams of creatine monohydrate with sugarcane juice or grape juice. If not possible, just mix with you whey protein shake. Don't take it with normal water and don't use it as a preworkout.
Which supplement are you talking about? Whey Protein, Creatine, Glutamine etc etc. Please specify.
See this is the problem. You're focusing on a mass gainer as a magical powder to help you gain muscle. First increase your diet. Have plenty of brown rice, chicken breast, olive oil, sweet potato and then have a mass gainer. Preferably 1 scoop after your workout and 1 scoop before you sleep. You shall see results.
First workout regularly and understand how to diet properly. Take 6 months to do this and only then, take a whey protein after your workout and 1 scoop after breakfast.
Do cardio for 30 minutes on an empty stomach and cut out roti, maida and all sugar and starch. Should help
The difference between a weight gainer and a mass gainer is that one product is used for simple weight gain which also means you'll also gain some fat but a mass gainer is tailor made for muscle gain. Since you are not fixated on muscle gain, I'd recommend you go for a weight gainer.

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