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let me address these two separately 1)to gain muscles, you have to do your resistance training with adequate amount of protein. 2) to lose belly fat, you need to be on a calorie deficit diet. but you cannot lose fat only from belly. spot reduction is a myth.. unless you are on a calorie deficit you cannot reduce fat from just one part of the body alone... Check our www.getsetgo.fitness and create a profile. you can download a diet from there - GetSetGo Fitness
check www.getsetgo.fitness and create a profile there..you need to udpate your weight and other details such as activity levels and upon chosing your goal, a free diet will be given to you - GetSetGo Fitness
Calorie surplus with right amount of protein and good amount of workout - specifically weight training - GetSetGo Fitness www.getsetgo.fitness
To gain muscles, you need to get on a calorie surplus diet plan with good amount of protein and also resistance training. Why dont you create a profile in GetSetGo Fitness website (www.getsetgo.fitness) and select appropriate goal? You willget a free diet too, there.. if you need a telephonic consultation, check http://getsetgo.fitness/#/consultation
Read this article by GetSetGo Fitness - http://getsetgo.fitness/blog/lose-fat-gain-muscle-where-to-start/ This article says - LOSE FAT OR GAIN MUSCLE? WHERE TO START?

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