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Hello Vivek, Pleae note down your eating habits, daily routine and workour schedule. People here will be able to help you. Take care of health Happy Lifting,  
Hello Madam, Before suggesting anything, would like to have some more information about her eating habits, workout schedule, nature of work, sleeping hours. Regards. Stay healthy.    
Hello Gaurav, Just a suggestion, before goin for gainers, double check with your present diet and workout schedule. Try to keep it in a natural way, Add 4-6 eggs whites (2 whole egg along with Yolk) Banana, Milk and Curds to your Diet Plan, Train harder with possibly light weights, check the difference yourself. In this process you will understand yuor body type ask whether Gainer is really required..? Take care, stay healthy, Happy Lifting. Regards. 
I feel they have migrated to Acesulfame Potassium instead of Aspartame. Only few products are with Aspartame, but we should get answer.   
Dear Aseem, Yes, you are correct, Aspartame is a very dangerous chemical which may cause cancer. Request you to bring it notice of Muscleblaze manufacturer's. Wrire to them diectly get answer abs share it. Take care be healthy. Regards. 
Hello Vikram, Acoording to the details you provided, your BMI wil be 30.1 which falls under obesity scale. Losing weight for Obese guys is a dfficult task but not impossible, it can be done with proper diet and training. To suggest you diet and workout plan need more details form you. AGE.? WORK NATURE ( sitting and working/ field work where lot of physical activity is involved).? ANY MEDICAL COMPLICATIONS ( past diseases or any operations).? ARE YOU ON MEDICATION.?  REGULAR DAY SCHEDULE.? HOW MANY TIMES YOU HAVE TEA/COFFE IN A DAY.? ARE YOU ALCOHOLIC ( regular/occasional, what drink you prefer.?) PRESENT DIET SCHEDULE.? PRESENT WORK OUT SCHEDULE ( if any).? Hit me back with details, people around here will be able to help you out. Take care of Health. Regards. 
Hello Kowshik, Masrubation has both good and harmful effects on body and mind. To begin with something good: It relaxes your body. Helps you get good and sound sleep. Good for blood circulation and your heart is pumping at good rate. It burns calories. Coming to Harmful side: Masturbation is like a Drug once you start it, it gets difficult to get rid of it. and gradually it becomes a habit than a necessity, which makes a dangerous impact on body, mind and soul.  With every ejaculation you will lose protein, calicum and minerals.( no doubt it wil be regained, but takes time). Makes you lazy. Will lose interest in lifitng heavy weights. Pelvic floor gets weaker which makes difficult to perform.  Later, desire for sex will reduce which will effect your personal life teriibly. More of it, will leave you with guilt feel within and builds inferior complexity. Masturbation is a forced ejacultion of semen without involving sexual activities with opposite sex, better stop it right away, If your body needs to empty semen stock it will haoppend automatically though noctural emissions, and you will enjoy it more than masturbating. Hope it will be useful. Take care of health. Regards.  
Dear Ravi, As you  said you are pure vegeterian, and do training my late evening thats between (9-10). After workouts body needs protein to recover and Whey Protein will do it. 1. For dinner, you can have a normal regular food, but keep it light dont eat heavy. Add Spinach ( PALAK), Sprouted Pulses and Beans to your plate thats the best protein content food which body needs. DO NOT FORGET TO have Curds before going to bed with minimal salt and NO SUGAR.  2. The best time to take mulit vitamin is morning along with breakfast, if that makes you uncomfortable than have it night along with meals.   Happy Lifiting. Regards.
Hello Siddesh, By looking at details it seems yuor BMI is 23.1 which falls under normal scale. You are 18 years old, So dont be concerned with weight, there's lot of time for bulking as your body is still developing.  Though Im not a certifed nutritionist but not of my knowledge on diet i can suggest. 1. Have Banana with milk everyday, morning along with breakfast and night after meals. 2. Try to add potatoes especially sweet potatoes in your meals. 3. Try taking meals with protein content like Red Meat, Egg white ( if you are non vegeterian). sprouted pulses are the best source of protein for vegeterian people. follow this for atleast 15 days you wil be able to obsereve difference. If in case its not efficient write me back. But, never cheat on workouts, every week you have higher goals to achieve. All the best, take care of health.  Happy Lifting.. Regards..    
Dear Siddesh, Hope you are doing well, One cannot suggest you diet plan without much data on your body type, nature of work and without knowing your aim (whether its weight loss or bulking).  Provide details people around wil be help you in this regards. take care of health, dont follow any diet plan without proper guidance. 

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