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hi, i m in ldh, punjab and i need personal training , can u help me with that ??? i mean i need a person who guides me how to make sculpted body. i m ready for HARD WORKOUT and have much DEDICATION.
i am training for last 10 years, that's long for patience, and i dont' eat junk foods or cold drinks, i need personal guidance (as filmstars take) for couple of months, who can monitor and transform my body. can u guide me w.r.t. that ???
reason i don't want to use supplements is it is hard to find ORIGINAL supplements today as market is full of fake supplements which containes harmful substances like steroids, which in turn affects body in long run. i live in ludhiana and every couple of month police raids into fake supplements shops and cease their products. what to do ?????? i need personal training ?????  
i need personla training ?? pls advise

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