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My height is 5.7 nd half inches,weight is 68,age is 31 years!
I dont want to use gainer as i am not skinny i have mentioned that i just want to increase the size, size in the sense right now my biceps size is 14.5 but i adore biceps size of 19 inches like salman khan! Pls suggest something like dat!should i go for anabolic steriods?
Thanx Bro! Keep In touch !  
Thanx buddy! right now my diet includes 4 bananas and 1 scoop of whey with mass gainer after workout, i prefer going gym in early morning as the equipments are not engaged ,,in afternoon i take 6 chapatis with daal and vegetable, in evening i do have 4 boil eggs without yolk , at night i prefer chicken (except tuesday and thursday) with chapati,i dont take rice or very rarely!  Is this diet plan ok?    
Focus on cardio exercises! If you are on consuming excessive  Beer etc then please quit it otheriwse it will not make it happen ,have brown rice ,avoid junk foods!
Thanx a Lot Vishant!Also please suggest Which has got more protein Red meat or White meat(chicken)!Do boil Chicken increase mass ??
Dude you must give a try to Dymatize Super Mass gainer or BSN True Mass,they r bit expensive than Muscleblaze but u will get results with proper diet and workout,see the improvement after 1 month only!
Agreed with Vishant !I am also following the same!One may also take help from youtube !

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