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you should go for whey protein no doubt.. u can take it right after your workout and also before ur workout.. whey protein 30 mins before workout will increase energy and performance an whey protein after workout within 30 mins will recover ur damaged tissue and give u muscles u can also take it during meals too If u want to take 1 time a day then i will recommend to take after workout. There are some good brands which u can choose.. 1 . ON 2 .Dymatize 3. Ultimate nutrition 4 . Muscletech and so on .. always take the genuine product because more than 80 % of suppliments are fake in the market.. so choose ur trusted sites like healthkart or you can buy it from there original distributor sites as these brand are all foreghn brands.
M completing my 2 years of gyming this month and ..In my openion mass gainer is very bad choice as it contains many calories and less protein and it will only give you weight .. not muscles this is also said by fitness guru "guru mann" he says when we consume mass gainer or weight gainer the body takes the required quota of calories and the rest calories which is excess for your body will lead to fat and sometimes will give you a round stomach.. so according to me whey protein or any type of protein is very good for bodybuilding as it helps in recovery and muscle gain .. and if you want to put on some weight then you should take carbs from rice , potatoes etc which is natural source of carbs wi5h no added sugars and all .. i use whey protein and it gives very good result.

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