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try muscleblaze or six pack iso pro..
hi ibrahim...cold n hot doesnt make any difference..drink sufficient amout of water may be a gallon a day....but dont mix the supplements(whey/mass/pre etc) with hot water..
hi sharma. weight gain is different from volume gaining....jst perform bi n tri twice or thrice per week...lift heavy n low reps n light weight n high reps tas well... u ll get results
hi sharma. weight gain is different from volume gaining....jst perform bi n tri twice or thrice per week...lift heavy n low reps n light weight n high reps tas well... u ll get results
hi ankit.. yes u can do abs daily if u want cuz dose r d mucles wch recover quickly....moderately u can perform twice to thrice a clean calories,lift heavy n do cardio also...
hi paul, abs (rectus abdominis) recover so fast so if u want u can perfom d ab workouts daily no pron in it...u need to reduce ur bodyfat..u ll c ur abs changing by reducing bf level...try hiit cardio after ur weight training...  
hi suraj, so u alrdy knw how mch protein u need to per pound of ur body weight.. so acc to u it comes around 200 gms protein. atlst try 1.5gms of protein per kg of ur body wgt...just reduce ur calories by reducing some carbs..r u VEG? pls take that whey after ur training..n there r more carbs from ur morng snacks to evng snacks...pls check that..n take casein 30 min b4 bed...
hi vishant, bro letc d answer for ur question... nearly 700lbs of liquid whey( byproduct of cheese) is needed to make a 5lbs of whey protein powder.. ( *approx 100gallons of milk gv 110lbs of cheese +5lbs whey) n d milk price is nearly same in US n INDIA.. so u said ON(will collect liquid whey from d cheese manufacturers) is a gud it FDA approved? NO. (india has less cheese production ,so mostly d brands import from other countries) but muscleblaze is approved by fssai n dope free,banned subs dey both r same.n muscle blaze claim tat dey use raw materials frm international source.. muscleblaze is a brand of healthkart..n u shld knw tat whey protein is a billion $ business worldwide..  FOR EXAMPLE if u r into a business u made a product worth 100$ will u supply it for d same price? no u ll hike d price cuz u need profit so u can run d production... u think muscleblaze is costly? den check sme indian brands too...manufacturing price is diff n selling price is diff....for example if a big brand released any protein with damn too low price like 800rs per 3lbs, people wont buy it dey ll think that is a cheap product dey ll think it wont gv results..its all about the business business business. AND as u said in ur Q if a person can afford the gym fees for 3 years, he can/ may b afford suppliments too...if that person nutrition is gud he doesnt need any supplements( the answer is in the word itself those r just SUPPLIMENTS) . so bro stop worrying abiut it n keep lifting keep pumping :):):)
hi tanjeem, instead of a mass gainer u can also try protein blend. try mp combat with creatine. or roonie coleman's pro antium(no need to add creatine cuz its der in it)...if u r keen in mass gainers try king mass/cytosport monster mass/true mass/muscle juice etc conc on ur workouts n diet/calorie intake..
hi lokesh, with proper nutrition, hard work, dedication u ll get ur desired body..there r no proper details in ur Q. try whey protein(on/ultimate nutrition) tats enuf actually..if u r interested u cn also try pre workout/creatine,bcaa,glutamine.
hi, if u looking in less budget then go for muscle blaze mass. or try roonie king mass, ultimate nutrition iso mass, bsn truemass, labrada mass 60.  
hi mohit, try barbell front squats n sissy squats.
hi neeraj, i think u gotta prob in rotator cuff, consult a physical therapist n do strengthening n come back stronger. cheer.
hi bishnu, yes u need to pay the duty. i personally ordered many supps from if it is a dairy product(whey etc) u need to pay a lot. bcaa,pre workouts etc r fine. do super saving shipping,the only thing is it ll take a lot of time.3 things u need to knw to avoid heavy duty tax. 1)the product shld not b a dairy product. 2)it shld not b in capsule form 3)d order shld b below 50$ (if duty doesnt matter u can give a shot.i ordered bcaa d product d product price is 2400,i paid 900 smethng fas duty.) or better check d best bcaa in indian markets.
hi prashanth, just take 1 scoop postworkout n odr scoop any time in d morng or before bed.. make sure ur nutrition is gud. no need to take 4-6 scoops a day jst 2 scoops a day is normal, rest of the protein get it frm food.

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