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hi, just try bio oil.  
hi kishore, try muscletech hydroxycut.
hi bishnu  try scivation xtend. or kaged muscle bcaa(this is available only in  
hi ankit,  keep it simple ..just use bio oil..tas personal exp.
hi raj,  i dont knw ur per ur weight u need to eat min og 1500 cal per day.every week increase 100 cal. n u need workout atlst 5 days a u r a vegan u better take whey protein n mass gainer supplements.(or a lean mass gainer is also fine)  mon-chest- (1 warmup set 4setsx6-8) tues-back wed-active rest(perform cardio) thurs-bi n tri fri- shoulder, abs sat-legs sun-rest about the diet plan i dnt knw ur present diet.but small meals at regular intervals. 6-8 meals per day.u need to healthy fats . i think u r an ectomorph so better keep it one fist protein,one fist carbs n one thumb fats per meal.
hi akshay, arms got 70% triceps n 30% biceps with mostly fast twitch type2b muscle fibers...keep the rep rnage between 45-60 sec..time under tension shld b increased. try drop sets, super sets n add go upto failure, conc on max hypertrophy... rest time is 60-90sec... for example u can try all dose workouts said by puneet above n try  4x sets 25,20,15,8 (increase weight each set, if u want make last as drop set also)
hi varun, u can take 5gms per day.. u can divide n take befor n after workout or u can take it with post workout.. the absorption is increased if u take along with high gi carbs like glucose.. u can take as long as u want no need to cycle...but if u stop using it You may lose a little muscle mass and the extra weight attributed to the water gain, and possibly a little strength, but as long as you keep your protein up and keep working as hard as you did you should be fine
hi amit, u shld focus on The squat, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press are the best strength-building exercises...Start your workouts with barbell exercises,  Barbells let you load a lot of weight, and lifting heavy is the first step toward getting stronger. Once your heaviest strength exercises are out of the way, you can move on to dumbbell and bodyweight training, keep it simple ,never left the same weights increase the load slowly so that u wont hit d plateau, time under tension is important...note down ur rep range,sets n weights...cardio shld b short n very it in a right form n increase ur calories , eat clean...
hi ankur, it depends on ur needs bro...if ur nutrition is too good u can skip the supplements...if u want u can take it all. if u want to take it all in one box try a blend protein ( for example: ROONIE COLEMANS PRO ANTIUM OR ON HYDRO BUILDER) n for extra boost n hardcore pump take pre workout also...
hi rajat, unless u work hard in d gym d supps wont gv d result. do weight training followed by clean,dec ur calories inc ur protein intake. these r d supps u ll need for weight loss. whey protein isolate,glutamine, if u want u cn try fat burner OR fish oil+green tea+CLA+carnitine.( u can add d combo of garcinia+gree coffee bean extract to this list)
hi rohit, there is nothing like ideal differs from person to person n individual goals.just eat clean with sufficient calories n train hard in d gym n earn it.try supplements like whey protein n mass gainer. 
hi susovan, there r mny best mass gainers in d depends on ur budget...check dis cytosport monster mass, ultimate nutrition iso mass,muscle juice, muscle blaze massxxl, roonie colemans king mass,bsn true mass,labrada mass 60, muscle tech masstech.
hi edna, u wont simply get it, u shld earn it. eat clean, take right supplements (mass gainer,whey,bcaa, glutamine etc) train hard , sleep n repeat....increase ur calories every week.  
hi shriyam, can u pls tell me ur present deit n food habits?  
hi mr.arun, I think you get the greatest benefit out of the whey shake when you eat a meal 30-60 minutes afterwards. Whey is absorbed by the body faster than casein, so I like to take both. Casein also regulates the release of amino acids into the bloodstream (it makes it more stable), so I really think whey and casein complement each other. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you are working out, your insulin sensitivity will increase, so chances are you will have to cut back on the insulin. And keep a handle on your BG levels before, during and after your workouts so you get an idea as to how high your BG should be before your workout so you don't bonk. Keep some gummy bears, jellybeans, or whatever you like, on hand in the gym so you can get some carbs if you start to feel a little hypo. I know a strength athlete who is also a Type 1 diabetic who drinks grape juice during his workout to keep his BG levels up. You still might want to check with your endocrinologist and/or dietician before doing this, but my experience has been that doctors tend to steer diabetics away from heavy, anaerobic exercise and high endurance activities simply because of the challenges in keeping own BG levels stable (they take the low road -- I like to take the high road!). But if you know your body and you're willing to be your own guinea pig (which we are everyday anyway), I say "GO FOR IT!" If you need a little inspiration, just look at Doug Burns. He's a Type 1 diabetic and won Mr. Universe. try bcaa as intra workout, try whey conc n isolate blend n casein. keep lifting

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