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Yes! It is absolutely safe to buy whey protein online as long as you are buying them from authentic stores. There are a lot of best places to buy whey protein online are HealthKart, Amazon, Flipkart  and MuscleBlaze.   Here are few tips that are to be kept in mind while buying whey supplements: Check the package for any spelling error Check the neck bands and the Lot No, only standard and genuine companies offer lot no online Read reviews given by other customers If buying from Amazon or FlipKart, then check the supplier names and reviews about the suppliers.  If the products are sourced directly from the manufacturers, then it is always to buy whey supplements online. If you are buying from health stores like MuscleBlaze or HealthKart, then you can be sure of getting genuine products When you buy a whey supplement online, before opening the pack check for the hologram sticker, as fake products won’t have those hologram stickers Check whether the pack is sealed or not Check the MRP sticker properly However, it is always better to get these supplements from health stores that manufacture them. Some of the  best sites to buy whey protein in India are MuscleBlaze and HealthKart. www.healthkart is one of the best online stores that not only provides authentic and superior quality whey products from their own labels but also offers a variety of other whey supplements from different international and domestic brands. The whey protein supplements  undergo numerous quality checks before they finally get shipped to the consumers. All the supplements offered by HealthKart are sourced directly from the manufacturer and thus there are no chances of adulteration.

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