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Go for DTP workout, check in Youtube. Or follow below chart with good range of motion. Swing the dumbell all the way up and squeeze those biceps hold 2 sec and bring it down slowly. You need to have atleast 5 variation of excersise for each muscle group. Have 1gm of protien per pound of body weight. Have BSN synthia 6 protien 3 sets with 8 to 12 reps in slow range of motion. Just by swinging dumbell you are wasting time and your effort. Barbell Curl       Dumbbell Curl       Preacher Curl       Hammer Curl       Cable curl       One arm concentration      
Best supplement for fat loss is to use Yogimbine HCL or Muscle blaze fat burner extreme or LIPO 6 fat burner . Do not go for cofee garcina or Meal replacement as it is not that effective to see quick result. Take any of the above mentioned pills in empty stomach in morning along with Green tea. Post 1 hr have breakfast. 1/2 hr after take 2 pills and hit to gym. These pills has caffine (gives energy to lift weight) and yogimbine (fat burner). In 45 days of time you will get -5 % drop on your body fat . Continue for next 2 months you can get ripped almost. Please note avoid sugars, salt, late night carbs. You diet should include 1 gm of protien per pound of body weight and .3 to 5 gm of good fats. Drink plently of water at lest 5 liter, do cardio well (15 min running, 15 min elliptical, 15 min ladder excercise or cycling), weight training is important.  

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