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Hello Vishant,   Do you think so that liv52 will work on my condition, ?   Thanks
Hello Puneet, Then What should i take at night ? can you explain me any Diet plan as per my diet plan i have explained you  that i could concentrate on that. Thanks
Hello Puneet, Thanks For your Reply, i am giving the details as you expecting with my current diet plan, Age :28 Height : 5'5" Diet Plan, Pre Workout (5:30 Am) 2 Big size Boiled Sweet potato 4 boiled eggs(with yolk) Post Workout (8:00 AM) 2 Banana 4 boiled eggs(with yolk) 5 chapati and rice Mid Morning (10:30 AM) 4 Chapati with rice AfterNoon Meal (2:00 PM) 2 Chapati with rice  Curd Evening Snacks (5:30 PM) 4 half boiled eggs with Juice or Snadwich Night meals (10:00 PM) 7 Chapati  2 boiled egg Curry Waiting for your reply Thanks Vikash

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