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Focus on diet... Nutrition valuable breakfasts and lunch with full satisfaction.. But dinner is light , if possible do it before 8 pm if you sleep 10 11 pm.. Avoid junck food, softdrink, soada, oily food. Do peak training 20 minutes in the morning 3 days in a week. Peak Fitness is an exercise that increases your heart rate to a degree where you possibly couldn’t go anymore, and will need a resting period before you start up again. It’s basically a sprint regime. The goal is that you are pushing your maximum heart rate for only 30 seconds at a time, and then recovering, or resting, for 90 seconds. It is essentially an anaerobic exercise that will require you to run as fast and as hard as you can for 30 seconds, and then stop, giving your body a full 90 seconds to relax. You would repeat this cycle eight times. There is a three-minute warm up before you start the exercise and a two-minute cool down at the end. The warm up could essentially be jumping jacks or stretching. In the last two minutes, you should let your body chill out. In all, this will take about 20 minutes, but the actual “work out” is only about 4 minutes long. Cool, huh? Be natural be healthy
Any one which is fit on your Budget. All protein is good.
Take gainner to increase weight.
Focus in cardio with good diet , protein is best for abs .. Abs are created but not visible due to fat layer , one more thing upper abs are build in less time compare to lower , so start from lower and then upper, Avoid junk food, fat , soft drink, sugar and rice take in moderate
Firstly you can loose fat with building muscle, do abs twice in a weak and train one day for every part , focus on cardio , cardio twice in a day. In morning and 30 min after workout. For abs Hanging leg rises Hanging knees rises (weighted) Bicycle crunch Simple crunch Plank
you can take from natural source or any Supliment, yes whey protein is good, one thing keep in mind water consumption is not be low, water helps in digestion of protein.
Creatine is not a pre workout or post workout it.. Creatine increase the ATP level in body, you can take 3 to 5 gm at any time. Pre workout is complete pre workout. I suggests try bsn no xplode one of the best pre workout. It have its own properties, boost up , focus on muscle mind. Connection... Be natural be healthy
There are many reasons behind for no improvement in bisep size. 1 diet: diet is more important to build body it is basic need when you on gym. 2 workout: workout means how you train and reps , weight , drop sets etc. 3 regular: are you regular to Jym.. 4 recovery : recovery time means same muscle group take 48 hrs for recovery and min 8 hrs sleep in night on correct time I frefer 10pm to 6am. No pain no gain , this is all about bodybuilding.. Its time to go beyond your limit. Fell the pain of last 3 or 4 reps which gives more muscle breakdown. It can increase your bisep size. In last of barbell curl which should be your first exercise take dropset until road is empty. This compound movement which give size. Barbell curl Prechur curl Cable curl Incline hammer db curl Concentration curl ( if you very well otherwise reverse barbell curl) Take creatien 3 to 5 gm in a day for strength and power to do more harder and cross limit. It all about pain more you pain more you gain... Be natural be healthy
What is your main motive like lean or bulky? Otherwise you should take whey protein and glutamine or creatien
Whey is good for muscle size...gainner increase size but loss your definition.
I think you should concern your doctor or physician.
Your Supliment is good but change its order. Glutamine 30 min before workout. BCAA during workouts ON whey protein after workout with in 15 min with water for fast absorption. And after eat which you want like eggs milk etc. You should try whey isolated In future .
Take green tea in morning and before workout , two times a day. After weight training take normal walk on treadmill for 25 to 30 min... You can find you in best stage. Focus on diet , and one more thing before two hrs of Jym not have any food which have fat.. Because it slow your digestion.
Both are good MuscleBlaze is no.1 Indian brand and ON is international brand. So ON have more costly due to import duty etc. There is no need to spend extra import duty you should try MuscleBlaze, it is also good Supliment range in suitable prices.
Everyone have there own speed of recovery and muscle building, but normally it take time , money and fully dedication. Focus on three things 1 workout schedule according to requirement of your body. 2 diet plan to daily implementation 3 sleep at least 8 hrs on time , not so late.

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