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Hi, I believe if you have been training for many years, you have been concentrating on single body parts rather than compound excercises like deadlifts, benchpress and squats. So I would suggest you try to incorporate more of these compound(More muscle groups at a time) movements to target your core, back and legs along with those single body parts you have been training throughout, and try to be consistent in your approach. Apart from the training part you need to take clean diet that said, you should really try to reduce eating trans fat foods and eat more green vegetables and paneer and lentils(dal) in your diet along with less amount of rice and more wheat based carbs like wheat or multigrain bread or chappatis. It's always a good choice to prepare home cooked meals, than to have outside. And for supplements you can start with incorporating whey protein isolate or concentrates(ON, MuscleBlaze) along with a clean diet. Try these tips and let me know.

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