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Aug 27, 2015

Vitamin s

Hi, I had a question regarding steroids. If a person's been doing gym for more than 5 years and it has come to a point that packing on more muscles has become next to impossible no matter how much amount of protein you intake or a huge diet. So what type of steroid/s would you recommend? And in your opinion what would be the safest among all the steroids available (Deca Durabolene or Growth hormone like Somatrope or Dianabol tabs) when taken with Testosterone (Injectable)? And also I would like to ask if taking testosterone alone would help pack more muscles or not since it is anabolic in nature. P.S - I know taking artifcial test would shut off my testes and I also know taking HCG as a post cycle therapy would help getting the testes back to function. And please don't tell me that taking steroids is not good for the long run, I'm aware of all the side effects. Awaiting your response, Tushar
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