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Jul 24, 2015

Want to decrease body fat without muscle loss

Hi I am 27 years old , 5feet 7 inches height , 80 kgs well built body. I miss the cuts in my body. I want to transform my body to ripped without muscle loss. I have 23% body fat and 12% visceral fat. I want to bring it down without losing muscle through cardio / running.4 upper abs are visible ,lower abs are strong and rock solid covered with bit fat. Please suggest . Daily i take brown rice , veggies and whey isolate protein shake.  
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Aug 05, 2015
Hi sunil babu Your ideal body weight is 72 kg so you want to loss 8 kg. I prefer cardio after workout for 30 min and main focus on diet.. Diet should be in 40/40/20 ratio means protein 40% carbs 40% fat20% . Nothing can happen overnight.. Take slowly , target it 1lbs in one weak. Be natural be healthy.

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