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Dec 13, 2015

Want to gain mass

I lost 8 kg weight because of illness. I want to start workout again after 4 months, i am 22 and height is 5'5'' and weight is 50. So my question is, should i take Whey protein or Mass gainer ? (along with BCAAs, Omega-3 Fatty Acid and Creatine). My goal is to gain mass in 12 Week. Please suggest some good suppliments and things to keep in mind. Thanks
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Jan 07, 2016


You can go for supplements like mass gainers i.e ON serious mass, MB mass gainer xxl, SSN anabolic muscle builder etc.These supplements are helpful for those  who are doing regular workout and those who are underweight ( their weight according to their height is less) and they want to increase their weight along with  gain in muscle mass.The dosage of the gainer is should be as follow.Initially start with 150 grams( 75 grams with half an hour of  your workout and 75grams any time of the day) with both water and milk(skimmed or double toned).After 2-3 days shift your dosage to 300 grams per day.After workout consume the gainer in room temperature or cold water.You also need to maintain high calorie & high protein diet along with it. 


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