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Nov 26, 2015

Want to get 6 pack

Hi, I am doing gym regularly approx 1.5 hrs. And i do abs and sides alternatively pass 3 months.But still i am not getting abs. Please suggest me.  
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Nov 27, 2015
Hello anuj! It doesnt matter from how long you are working out. What matter is how corretly you are working out and your diet plan. I came across many guyz working to get ripped abs but didnt get a single of it. What i would recommend you is that: Workout 2 day a week (say monday and Thursday) (or set your own working day) On monday do upper abs workout such as cruches, situps etc. And on thursday do lower abs workout such a leg rise etc. Do 15 reps of 3-4 sets with a brake of 45sec only. Also note that to get abs cut your carbohydrate intake and lower your trans fat and saturated fat. More the carbohydrate and fat less the result will be.
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Nov 30, 2015
Focus in cardio with good diet , protein is best for abs .. Abs are created but not visible due to fat layer , one more thing upper abs are build in less time compare to lower , so start from lower and then upper, Avoid junk food, fat , soft drink, sugar and rice take in moderate

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