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Sep 21, 2015

Want to get a flat abs

I'm 5'8".. 67 KGS..have a chunk of fat at lower abs..please suggest some exercises for abs so that I can have a great abs please.
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Sep 22, 2015

According to your height you are on your ideal weight i.e you need to increase muscle mass and decrease your fat % too.So do your abs workout with heavy weight as well as cut down simple carb , simple sugar, saturated fat, a lot of sodium from your diet, take small and frequent rich protein meals in a whole day and  make sure that you meet your daily requirement of protein according to your body weight.

Exrersice for abs are:

Cardiovascular Exercises
Leg Raise
Cable Hip Abduction
Alternate Floor Leg Raise
Floor Crunch
Ball Semi Crunch
Kneeling Ball Side Drape
Cardiovascular Exercises

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