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Dec 13, 2015

Want to increase my bicep from 14 inch to 17 inch.

I am working out from last 5 months but I am not able to increase my bicep size, it is still 14 inch. Currently I am taking muscleblaze whey protein when my bicep was 13 inch. Kindly help me out.
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Dec 22, 2015



As you are at intermediary stage of workout (5 months) you need to add extra supplement along with the protein because at this stage the quantity that is presented in whey protein is not sufficient for the muscle recovery. So you need to add extra supplementation like Glutamine and BCAA for good muscle recovery. You can take glutamine 5 g added to your post workout protein supplement or you can also consume glutamine added in 180 ml of water half hour prior to bedtime.You can add 5-10 gm of BCAA that is Branched chain amino acid during the workout so that it helps it reducing muscle soreness and muscle fatigue during workout.You can click on the below provided link for the expert consultation on supplementation :|;p:0|;c:bodybuilding|;


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