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Apr 08, 2016

Weight gain

How to gain weight % Muscle Building
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Apr 08, 2016

Hi Ravi,

Your details not available! Here is how to gain weight.

  1. Track Calories- overestimate what you eat.
  2. Eat Every 3 Hours- You need at least your body-weight in 44 kcal/kg to gain weight.
  3. Eat Calorie Dense Foods- Pasta, Whole milk, Nuts, Olive Oil.
  4. Get Stronger.  Free Weights- Force you to stabilize the weight and allow for natural motions. Start light, focus on technique and add weight progressively. Compound Exercises,Squat.
  5. Diet Plan- Diet Matters alot for bodybuilding.
  6. Track Progress- track transformation on weekly basis.

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