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Oct 05, 2015

Weight loss from 85 to 72 kg, age-28,height-5 feet 9 inch

I want to reduce  my weight from 85 kg to 72 kg in 2 month, by  meds and diet control.
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Oct 05, 2015


That kind of weight loss is not healthy as once you lose it, it will come back. For permanent weight loss, look at around losing half kg to one kg per week.


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Oct 06, 2015


You should cut down you simple carbs, simple sugar, saturated fat from your diet, Follow this supplement stack for better results:

1. Whey ISOLATE(as post-workout)

2. BCAA ( as intra-workout)
3. Multivitamin 

4. Omega 3

5. CASEIN ( as a night time protein)

6. Fat burner Caps

And train yourself 6 days in a week and do 20 minute cadio after workout daily.


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