Weight Loss

The Best Weight Loss Diet Plans

As per a survey, more than half the adult population in this world try to shed extra kilos from their body every year. The best way to weight management is making some changes to your diet plan along with regular workout. Be it weight loss or weight gain diet plan for men or women; one can find a plethora of diets on the internet. However, we are here to help you choose the best ones that will help in managing your weight within a short time.

Here are a few diet plans that are super effective for reducing the extra pounds from your body and therefore considered as the best ways to lose weight:

  1. Paleo Diet

Paleo diet or Paleolithic diet includes the consumption of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The Paleo diet is an excellent weight loss diet, which contains food items that were obtained by hunting during the stone age by our ancestors. This diet restricts the consumption of grains and milk, which helps in rapid weight loss.

2. Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a high protein, high fat and low carb diet plan, which helps in rapid weight loss. It being a high protein diet plan helps in lean muscle gain. This diet offers a variety of options in the non-veg weight loss meal plan, which includes chicken, eggs, fish and a lot more. Vegetarians can consume cheese, avocado, etc. 

3. Vegan Diet

A vegan diet is the best way to lose weight, using only plant-derived food items. This diet plan restricts the consumption of dairy products, poultry, meat, etc. This is an excellent weight loss plan for men as well as women that are lactose intolerant or like to eat only vegetarian food. You can have coconut, soy or almond milk instead of milk derived from the cow. This diet reduces the risks of heart attack and diabetes. 

4. Atkins Diet

Atkins diet plan for weight loss includes the consumption of low carb and high protein food items.  Robert Atkins devised this diet. This weight loss plan for women and men restricts the consumption of fruits, starchy vegetables, rice, sugar and dairy products.

5. Dukan Diet

The Dukan weight loss meal plan is for those who wish to lose weight in a short time. It includes the consumption of high protein and low carb food items. The Dukan diet plan was made by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French general practitioner.

6. Intermittent Diet

Intermittent diet or fasting is another fantastic weight loss meal plan, which restricts the time you are allowed to eat. This is an excellent weight loss plan for men and women both as it reduces your calorie intake. 

7. PCOS Diet

If you are a person suffering from the polycystic syndrome disease, then you need to keep a check on your weight. Women with PCOS should follow a high protein and high fibre diet plan. One needs to reduce the intake of carb and sugar as much as possible. This weight diet plan for women with PCOS will not only help in weight management but also help in regulating their menstrual cycle, reducing the size of the cyst and regulating insulin levels. 

What is the best meal plan for losing weight?

You can follow any of the diet plans for weight loss that are mentioned by us above. However, you have to strictly follow these diet plans if you wish to see good results in a short period.

What should I eat to lose weight in 7 days?

You can include low carbs, high protein and high fibre food items in your weight loss diet plan to reduce weight in 7 days. Also, make sure you drink around 6 to 7 litres of water and do regular exercise. You can try to consume whey supplements and weight loss supplements; these products are great for enhancing your weight loss journey.

How can I lose 10 kgs in 3 days?

Losing 10kgs in 3 days is not practically possible. However, you can lose a fair amount of body fat in 3 days by not eating carbs rich foods, sugar-loaded and fried food items. Try to consume boiled vegetables, fresh fruits, protein-rich food items and supplements. Also, increase your liquid intake, this will help in flushing out the toxins from your body. Start drinking lukewarm water with cinnamon in it; this will help in reducing your belly fat. 

How can I lose 10 kgs in 2 weeks?

To lose 10kgs in 2 weeks, you need to follow a few guidelines. 

  • Try to have a gluten-free diet that contains no carbs
  • Consume more protein and fibres
  • Follow a no sugar diet plan
  • Regular exercise is required to burn out those extra calories

What drink can burn belly fat?

Including chia seeds along with honey and lime in lukewarm water is a great idea. Try to have a detox drink made at home by using fresh fruits and no sugar. You can include these things to your weight loss plan for women and men. 

Is rice good for weight loss?

You can include rice in your weight loss meal plan, but you have to limit your intake to not more than one small-sized bowl. Rice is low in fat, easy to digest and a source of vitamin B. Having brown rice for weight loss is better than having white rice.

You can follow any of these diet plans to lose weight but never forget to skip your exercise regime. Keep yourself hydrated and if you have a medical issue, then make sure you seek the advice of a medical practitioner before following any particular diet plan.