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Jan 29, 2017

Weight loss

I this is vimal my age is 27 and working in private company,I started my gym life when I m 17 yrs on that time I participate some state bodybuilding computation and on that time my Wight is 65 but past two yrs I m nt doing proper workout and my Wight also increase to 78 nd my Tommy also kindly sagest me hw to become learn muscles
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Jan 30, 2017

Hi Vimal,

You have gained this weight due to lack of workout in these past years. The people who are into regular workout, their body is habitual to some amount of activity and if they leave doing workout they are very prone to gain weight fastly. So try to do regular workout (either at gym, parks or home) that includes weight training as well as cardio. Moreover maintain a low carbohydrate-high fiber (Multigrain Bread, Multigrain Cereals, Brown Rice, Salads, Fruits with peels) & high protein diet (Boiled Egg Whites, Boiled Chicken/ Fish, Low Fat Milk, Low Fat Paneer, Low fat Curd, Sprouts, Soyabeans). Take more and more of fluids (no Fruit Juices) in your diet. Also include any good Isolate Whey Protein, so that you don't lose your muscle mass.


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