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Sep 22, 2015

What are best excercises to burn belly fat faster ?

Sir, I recently lost 7 kgs of my weight after 2 months of continuous cardio excercises, now I am working on gaining some lean mass, but what's troubling more is that I am having some subcutaneous fat at belly and waist area and I want to build a solid core in another 15 to 16 weeks, please suggest me some good fatburn excercises along with diet suggestions. thanks in advance.  
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Sep 22, 2015

You can add 3-4 cups of green tea or 3 caps of garcinia cambogia (15 minutes before every major meals).

And also, cut down simple carb , simple sugar, saturated fat, a lot of sodium from your diet, take small and frequent rich protein meals in a whole day and  make sure that you meet your daily requirement of protein according to your body weight.



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