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Dec 10, 2015

What are the best preworkout foods for a weight training session in the morning?

I am usually at the gym within half an hour of my waking up. Since there is not much time between my waking up and starting workout, I am mostly empty stomach in the gym. At times, I eat a banana before starting for the gym. I usually feel a lack of energy while working out in morning (and can't gym in the evenings). I have heard conflicting views on preworkout nutrition. While some say that working out on empty stomach will help break fat during workout. Others say that if I do not eat properly before working out, muscle breakdown will happen, which does more harm than good of workout. All in all, I do feel the need of good preworkout foods that can provide me with the energy to stay focused and work out hard. Please help on sharing ready to eat or easy to make preworkout foods that I can have in the morning before hitting the gym.
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Dec 10, 2015

Hi Puneet,

Add a preworkout in your supplement stack.


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