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Dec 12, 2015

What are the cons of pre work out supplement?

I have read and seen all the pro's of a pre-workout supplement. Since it is always best to know the good and the bad sides of anything. I would like to know the bad side of it and how to avoid it? Example: Increase in Uric acid level with excess use of proteins, etc.
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Jan 14, 2016


The basic component of preworkouts are creatine,betaine,caffeine, tyrosine,citrulline, arginine AKG etc . These components helps in providing muscle pump, improves endurance and boost energy level.If you consume overdose of the same it might increase your heart palpatation , insomnia etc. To always take te supplemetation in appropriate dosage .It is not recommended for hypertensive patients /diabetic patiens etc. Liquid intake of at least 4-5 liters per day is must as all the supplements produce heat in the body so for that you should be properly hydrated.


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