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Jul 24, 2015

What are the supplements required for abs ?

I want to get abs and want to know what are the supplements that are required for abs
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Jul 27, 2015

Hi Sravan,

No supplements will help you to get abs. Just keep your protein high and make sure you workout your abs twice a week.


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Aug 05, 2015
No Supliment required for abs , it wants a better diet with more protein and moderate carbs.. Whey protein is enough. Focus on diet.. Avoid junk, soft drinks, white rice, and suger as low as possible. Be natural be healthy.
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Aug 10, 2015

High protein diet

high fiber diet or complex cabs 

Omega 3

and multivitamin is sufficient for you

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Oct 04, 2015

Why to take supplements when you have great body..! for abs for lazar novovic abs workout... and your daily normal diet but do abs workout everday.with in a month you'll see difference..!All the best (Y)!


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