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Nov 02, 2015

What essential supplements should i have to have lean and musculler body?

I m 25 yr old, height- 5'8'', weight- 80kg. Please tell me, What essential Supplements should i have to have lean and musculler  body?  I dont want to have bulky body. 
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Nov 02, 2015


To be lean you need to do various things:

1. Train with heavy weights

2. Do your cardio regularly (15 minutes everyday)

3. Eat enough protein

4. Eat below your maintainance calories 

You can have a fat burner and BCAA to help you with this.


Test altrahul chauhan Nov 03, 2015

Can i have Fat Burner (MuscleBlaze Fat Burner) , BCAA (MuscleBlaze Fat Burner), Whey Protein(MuscleBlaze Whey Protein) and pre workout drink (MuscleBlaze Torque).

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