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Oct 13, 2015

What food you preferred more for weight loss?

Hi , I am doing exercise daily. I want to know what diet you take suddenly after gym. Any specific protein you can tell me that will be helpful to loose weight and get in good shape.  
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Oct 14, 2015

loosing weight can be meant loosing fat in most of the cases, but if you just measure it by weighing, you are measuring muscle loss + fat loss. people are tend to workout with calorie deficiet most of the times which results in heavy mucle loss along with fat loss. If you want to loose body fat alone, then I would suggest you to concentrate on cardio exercises like jogging, running, swimming and any other aerobic activities. becauses these are the actual fat burners. while coming to your diet, always look out for less fat, as less as you can get. say no to saturated fats and trans fats.


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