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Sep 24, 2015

What i do ny weight is 77 and height is 5,7

My name is sunil My age is 23 My weight is 77 My height is 5.7 I want to be fit 15 to 16 biceps 42 to 44 chest or suggest me best size for my height Plz reply and i have big tummy also So plz suggest and rply
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Sep 24, 2015


According to your height your weight should be around 67 i.e you are around 10 kgs over weight. you should cut down you simple carbs, simple sugar, saturated fat from your diet, Follow this supplement stack for better results:

1. Whey ISOLATE(as post-workout)

2. BCAA ( as intra-workout)

3. Multivitamin 

4. Omega 3

5. CASEIN ( as a night time protein)

6. Fat burner 

And train yourself 6 days in a week with high reps and low weight and do minimum 20 minute cadio after workout daily.


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