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Sep 12, 2015

What is the best way to get rid of chest and belly fat?

I was quite fat earlier, its been some time that I have started gymming. Although it has been 2 years, but because I am currently a student so I can't go on continuously, by that I mean I usually have to break after 3 months coz of exams and other stuff. I have developed good muscles in my arms and chest and I can definitely see gains. Overall fat has gone down but there is still some fat in belly and chest area that I am unable to get rid of. Till now I haven't done much cardio coz I am bored so I usually do weights and with that only I have changed a lot. But that last thing is not going. Can you suggest me a good meal plan with some kind of training regime(that probably doesn't involves cardio, it could be like some circuit training or any other), that I can do to get rid of this problem.
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