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Aug 27, 2015

What should be the ideal calorie intake and macro percentage for building muscle and losing fat ?

Hey this is rutwik I am a vegetaian and i was fat in january...i managed to reduce my weight from 85kgs to 69kgs...i have started to build muscle...and i am taking whey protein isolate....and eat eggs too..but i strongly feel that i lack in proper diet...i workout 1hr 15mins a day.....can you please help me with a proper diet suggestion...which includes calorie intake and also the macro weightage....
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Aug 31, 2015

Hi Rutwik.

As you have started building muscle even consuming whey protein isolate, you are also having eggs in the meal. Body building is the combination of all the three things combined together diet , supplement and workout which helps in getting good gains.If  you are looking for good leaning the calorie distribution throughout the day should be based on this parameter. 50 – 55% of enery should come from carbohydrate(complex) , 25-30 % should come from protein and rest 15- 20% from fat. You need to consume small and frequent meals. You can have 5 - 6 meals in an overall day which includes three major meals breakfast , lunch and dinner. Along with it you need to have 1- 2 small meals or snacks inbetween the major meals like sprout chat/ fruit chat ( low glycemic index fruits) , boiled eggs, paneer etc .

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Aug 31, 2015


If you want to know your exact calories please provide your height, weight and age.


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i am 5ft 7 inches aged 20 and weight is 67 at present's picture
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Sep 01, 2015
Ideal macros 40/40/20 protein carbs fat Ideal calories for you according to weight is 1100.

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