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Aug 27, 2015

What supplements should i take with my diet?

Hi Ryan! I am an IT professional and work in Night-shifts. By the way, It's a coincidence , my alias name is also Ryan when I deal with my International clients. Anyways, Here a question for you that what are the best supplements should I take with my diet? As I feel that I am feeding enough myself with protein rich foods though I am a beginner. Everyday I take sufficient amount of breast chicken and eggs and other stuffs as well. With the dietry supplements I have been taking 30g of protein shake (Muscletech) post workout , 1 scoop of Muscleblaze BCAA got from healthkart.com as my intra workout , ultimate nutrition creatine monohydrate almost 5 gm with protein shake and two pills of muscleblaze fat burners before my workout. Next thing I researched over internet and thought of taking is a Pre-workout supplement of ON or Cellucore C4. All I want to ask that IS IT A GOOD IDEA taking pre workout with these supplements? Or is there something that I should replace or discard from my dietry supplements. I don't have much money but I am fond of working out at gym( I also did in 2012 but due to my exams I had to quit at that period) and daily I do 30 mins of cardio and 1 hour of muscle training. Or, Can you just name me the best supplements that can achieve a good lean body with minimum body fat. yes, currently I have 30% of body fat and in total I am 84kg and 5'4" of height.
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Sep 04, 2015


You need to stop taking creatine if you want to reduce fat since monohydrate bloats you. Also it is not advisable to take fat burner and preworkout together since you will most likely crash on the caffeine. 



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