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Nov 06, 2016

What suppliments and vitamins should i use ?

i was doing exercise regularly and had good shredded body but due to some stomach infection i'm now totally out of track for 1 year. now i'm totally fit and thinking about to start doing exercise again. So what foods should i keep in my diet and what supplyments and vitamins tablets should i use? I have already brought mass gainer and Omega 3 capsules. Besides this suppliments what are other supplyments can i take and also need diet plan.. also i want to mention that i have shifting office timing from 5-30 am to 3-30 pm. So need diet chart and supplyments
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Nov 07, 2016
As per the credentials mentioned by you, your ideal body weight would be 75 kg, so you need to gain 22 kg approximately. 
First thing, start doing proper workout again (Weight Training) and start with mass gainer gradually. Do not take too much gainer in the starting, start with small quantity and once you start feeling comfortable then gradually increase the quantity. Take gainer in water post workout once and at any other time of the day once again. If you are comfortable with milk now, so the second dose of gainer you can take in milk also. 
Fish Oil tablet- Take 1 tablet post dinner.
You can also take Healthkart multivitamin- 1 Tablet post Breakfast.
Regarding diet, do not completely rely on the gainer for weight gain. Your diet plays a very important role. Take meals every 2-3 hours, three major meals and 2-3 small meals in between. The pattern should be, heavy breakfast, moderate lunch, light dinner with higher protein foods (Egg Whites & Chicken (Non Veg), Curd, Buttermilk, Paneer, Peanut Butter) and small in between meals (like- shakes, dry fruits, peanut butter sandwiches, Boiled egg Whites).

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