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What To Eat After Every Type Of Workout

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What to eat after every type of workout

You know what is the best part of doing intense training, you keep pushing your limits, one reps after another and so on. This hard work needs to be rewarded by tasty & healthy foods. The food taken after training is called a post workout meal that determines your next day performance and how much time you are going to take to reach your fitness goals. 

After your training, if you don’t eat anything, you start feeling anxious, hangry, shaky, and jittery. Most of us have been there. So, you decide to eat what you see first. It is really tricky if you eat mindlessly, you will miss the required nutrients. So, after workout food matters just like a pre workout meal to achieve any fitness goals. 

Why Post Workout Food Matters:

Why Post Workout Food Matters

Intense training makes our tissues and muscles more sensitive to certain kinds of nutrients. It means muscles and tissues are most responsive to nutrients that are taken between 30 to 90 minutes after workout. So, your Post workout food must contain all the required nutrients like protein, BCAAs, vitamins and minerals, and many more. People usually take pre workout protein but it is more effective after working out. Here are some reasons why your post workout meal matters. 

  • Muscle Recovery: One of the most essential aspects for achieving fitness goals. 
  1. Protein in your after workout food helps to repair damaged muscles. 
  2. Amino acids help in protein synthesis and help you to recover quickly. 
  3. For lean muscle gain and stronger muscles have protein in your diet. 
  • Refuel: After workout, you must have energy to perform other daily physical activities.
  1. To avoid the fatigue and muscle breakdown due to low energy, you need to refuel your glycogen stores with carbohydrate diets. 
  2. Low glucose level leads to decreased concentration and alertness in the brain that hampers your performance in the gym next day and many other activities. 
  • Keep hydrated: Hydration is very important when it comes to overall wellness after workout. 
  1. Thirst is not a trustworthy measurement of being hydrated. You  need to look at your urine colour to know if you need water or not. After training, you lose plenty of water from your body so your post workout meal should be filled with fluids. 
  2. Staying hydrated keeps your mind alert and active for various activities. 

What to eat after gym:

What to eat after gym

People usually look for the best pre workout for performing their best in the gym and neglect what to eat after a workout. Maybe your best pre workout food helps you to give energy for your training session but the body is more active to absorb the nutrients within 30 to 90 minutes of doing exercises. Nutrients absorption decides your fitness and health. So pick carefully if you are looking for what to eat after a workout

  • Milk products like cheese, whey protein, Isolate
  • Oatmeal, banana, almonds
  • Protein rich diet sprouts, eggs
  • Chiken, meat, fish
  • Fruits

Post workout food is far more important as pre workout food. So stop worrying about what to eat before a workout.  if you don’t have a proper meal after training you have to face some negative consequences including increased fatigue, muscle soreness, reduced performance, low blood sugar levels, and many more. So, you need to have your meal within 30 to 90 minutes of completing your training. Include these foods, right now if you are still looking for what to eat after gym

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