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Jul 12, 2015

What unique to do for working on lower belly fat

I have tried different exercises but my belly fat remains the same. What to do Please tell. Thanks in Advanceee.
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Jul 12, 2015

Hi Divay,

Fat can't be spot reduced but can only be done if you are eating less calories than you are consuming. Kindly first calculate your maintainance calories and track your daily calories to make sure your caloric output everyday is less than maintainance. Eat plenty of protein to ensure you are maintaining your muscle mass. Just keep training and dieting correctly. The fat is bound to go. Hope this helps!

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Jul 15, 2015

Hi Divay ,

You must aim for proper weight loss diet as weight loss is 80% Diet and 20 % workout Include high fibre,high protein and low fat in diet , Eat at regular intervals . Avoid Junk ,fried and bakery products. Focus more on Fresh fruits like apples,pears,oranges,papaya, and green leafy vegetables . 

Good to know you are involved in regular exercise . You can opt for yoga and crunches too

Apart from Diet and exercise you can go for following tips:

  • Apple cider vinegar 1-2 tsp with water a glass in mornings
  • Snacking green apple/Green Tea/Roasted Channa/Unbuttered popcorn at late afternoon btw 3-4pm
  • Prevent bloating by using less salt ;also sufficient chewing of foods

All the Best!


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