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Jul 20, 2015

Whey protein, isolates, bcaas, casine, glutamin, creatin, pre workout.. whats the best combination for lean muscle mass?

There are many suppliments available in the market like Whey Protein, Isolates, BCAAs, Casine, Glutamin, creatin, Pre Workout, etc. What should be taken for best results for lean muscle mass?
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Jul 20, 2015

hi ankur,

it depends on ur needs bro...if ur nutrition is too good u can skip the supplements...if u want u can take it all. if u want to take it all in one box try a blend protein ( for example: ROONIE COLEMANS PRO ANTIUM OR ON HYDRO BUILDER) n for extra boost n hardcore pump take pre workout also...

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Jul 21, 2015

For lean muscles take creatine for pre workout...BCAA during workout...glutamine along with whey protein post workout & casine protein before sleeping.

Mohit Arya (Certified Online Trainer)

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Jul 22, 2015

Hi Ankur, 

Like it's said, these supplements can only help you acheive your goals. Below are the benefits of the mentioned supplements

1. Whey Protein- Quick absorbing, should be taken pre/post workout, helps in building muscle

2. Casein Protein- Made of slow acting casein. Should be taken before sleep as it keeps the body anabolic

3. BCAA- Are branch chain amino acids that help you recover better. Should be taken intra workout. 

4. Glutamine- Should be taken post workout. Helps in recovery of the muscles

5. Preworkout- Stimulants help you workout harder thus ensuring muscle breakdown which leads to higher muscle mass. Should be taken pre-workout as name suggests

6. Creatine- Safest supplement. Muscle volumizer. Helps in ATP synthesis which in turn increases your strength. Should be taken post workout or pre workout.

It's upto you to make your own combinations which should align to your goals.

Hope this helps!

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Jul 22, 2015

Thanks Sri, Mohit Arya & Puneet for your valuable inputs.

Learned a lot from your replies.

I take Whey Protien and now from your inputs i am planning on taking creatine for stamina building and muscle volumization.

Kindly guide me is there any side effects of creatine, as i havent tried it before and i am having hair loss issues as well.

An side effects on hair or health in general?

Kindly share.


Test altPuneet Jul 22, 2015

Hi Ankur, 

Creatine has no side effects. As far as hair loss is concerned I would advise you to supplement with biotin as it is very effective against hair loss.


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