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Jun 30, 2015

Which brand/flavor whey protein isolate is pure - without sugar substitute

Hi, Most WHEY protein isolate seem to be loaded with artificial sweetners and other forms of protein.  I am looking for a brand/no flavor which is pure form - ONLY Whey isolate and no additives such as soy, corn strach, sucralose/stevia, etc. Thanks much, Nita.  
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Jul 02, 2015

Hi Nita,

There are a lot of brands who sell unflavoured protein but due to less demand it's difficult to find it. Amway has an unlfavoured whey but it is soya based. You can check out GNC pro(100% whey). Hilmar is also one of the companies who sell unflavoured 100% whey but it;'s really difficult to find a retailer here in India. 

Test altNita Jul 03, 2015

Hi Rakul, Thanks for the information. I have checked out GNC and they do not have any such product. I came across ON product which does not contain any sweeteners, from's picture
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Jul 02, 2015

hi nita,

if u want pure whey isolate with no artificial flavours n all u can try ALLMAX ISO NATURAL(unflavoured), LABRADA JAMIE EASON'S signature series whey isolate,ON GOLD STANDARD WHEY NATURAL..mostly all whey protein supplements contains soy lecithin cuz it helps in mixability, it possesses emulsification properties. if u r EXTREMELY allergic to soy den u shld b worry abt soy odrwise its fine.n u shld b worry abt ASPARTAME only, sucralose/stevia r also fine.u can also try ULTIMATE NUTRITION ISO SENSATION 93, PROLAB WHEY ISOLATE,ALLMAX ISOFLEX,ON HYDRO WHEY..

Test altNita Jul 03, 2015

Hello Sri, thanks for the info. I am currently taking Ultimate but that comes with sweetener and I dont like the aftertaste. Will check out the other brands you listed.


Test altGirish Parab Nov 11, 2015

Hi, You can get without colour, flavour and no added sugar 100 % Whey Protein Concentrate of Seven Point Four Foods.

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