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Mar 18, 2016

Which mass gainer should i take ?

I am currently using Dymatize Mega Mass and it has worked decently. The box is about to finish and now I am thinking, whether to re-buy it or change the brand. I have few question in mind regarding that: 1. Does it have any side-effect in long run ? 2. I have heard from few doctors that any protein supplement or mass gainer damages kidneys in long run. (I do not have any existing kidney disorders) is it true? 3. My height is 5.10 and weight almost 64 kgs. Should I continue with another round of mass gainer or shift to Whey protein for better muscle growth. ?  
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Mar 31, 2016

Hi Kunal,

If you will authentic product and its prepared from milk and some natural sources there will be no side effect.

As per your height your weight should be around 75kg so till then continue you have to use Mass gainer then you can move to whey protein. You can continue the same supplement and do compound exercises.



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