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Dec 11, 2015

Which protien is best before, during and after workout

Hi! First of all Congratulation on winning the title. I want to know which is the best and economical source of protien to be taken before, during and after workout for building lean muscle mass. Regards, Imran N. Shaikh
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Jan 15, 2016


As you are trying to build lean muscle then you need to take the high protein diet and low fat diet .You need to focus on Diet, supplementation and workout.The calorie distribution through out the day should be based on this parameter. 50– 55% of energy should come from carbohydrate(complex) , 25-30 % should come from protein and rest 15- 20% from fat. You need to consume small and frequent meals. You can have 5 - 6 meals in an overall day which includes three major meals breakfast , lunch and dinner and along with it you need to have 1- 2 small meals or snack like sprout chat/ fruit chat ( low glycemic index fruits) , boiled eggs, paneer etc in between these major meals. In the supplementation category one can go with the supplements like whey isolate protein, 1 scoop post workout with water and another scoop any other time of the either with skimmed milk /water. BCAA is called branched chain amino acid contains leucine,isoleucine and valine and helps in reducing muscle soarness and muscle fatigue intra workout . You need to have physical workout each and everyday for atleast 45 min. 


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