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Oct 31, 2015

Which supplement i should take for my self ?

Dear sir , My age is 27 my height is 5'10"and weight is 71 my arm are lean as compair to other part of body. Which supplement i should take , i am confused. Should i take mass gainer or should i take whey protein and of which brand and product i shuold go ....please help
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Oct 31, 2015

In my opinion, mass gainers are waste of money, all you need to increase the mass on your body is eating good calories which means all from protien, complex carbs, good fats. Just buy a good whey protien (I'd suggest Ultimate Nutrition Prostar) and a good preworkout and If you think that you are unable to consume enough calories, buy SSN Carbo-Force. Train your arms twice a week, try different training splits (3-day split would be good to target your arms) and work hard.


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