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Dec 03, 2015

Which supplement is best for weight gain

i prefer ON weight gainer...because 1250calorie present with 50g of protein... this thing is not present in any other supplement.
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Dec 03, 2015

What's the use when your body can only absorb 25g at most. Either divide the servings or go for another mass gainer.

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Dec 03, 2015
All these powders are just to rob people off their money.Did you check if in a lab if its has 50g of protein.. Do you know if it has simple or complex carbs..??Think again.. Does it make sense spending 4k-5k just for powders??Eat Real Food dude
Test altShhruti Sachdeva Dec 04, 2015

Did you check in a lab to make sure your food is genuine? Cows are being pumped up with gowth hormone and your vegetables have pesticides which are poisonous. Now what? It makes sense because some people can't eat 8-10 meals a day to grow because we have jobs.

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