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Jul 23, 2015

Which supplement is good to have big biceps?

Hi.. i m 31 years old & have joined the Gym 1 year back. In earlier days, i have put my pressure on Cardio. However now a days i am doing workout for different body parts. my aim is to increase my muscle size. i have started MB whey protein along with Glutamine. please advise is it ok to have? or should i take other supplements? my height - 5ft 10 inch Weight - 76 kgs  
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Jul 23, 2015

There is no particular supliment for biseps, jym or bodybuilding is a process 50% how u train & how much u train, 50% what u eat & which time u eat. sleep at least 8 hrs.

ur supliment (MB whey protin & glutamine) is good choice.

Glutamine works best when taken right before bed. there is a detailed reserch that show the value of glutamine raising growth hormone levels significantly by taking 5 grms before bed. you could also take it when you wake up.

MB whey protin after workout within 15 to 20 mins(1 scoop) eat natural food egg white,etc



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Jul 23, 2015

bare essential supplements for growth would be

1.creatine 5 mg post workout

2.bcaa pre /intra/postworkout 

3.whey protein(i dont consider it as a supplement just a" convinient food source")

4.l-glutamine is produced by the body and gets depleted during heavy workouts..adding 5 mg after workout would be a good choice.

CALORIFIC SURPLUS can only lead to muscle growth .eat more clean foods and increase meal frequency.supplements have there role, but after all  they are just supplemENts which wont do any good if your diet is wEak.


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