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Feb 21, 2016

Which supplement to use?

Hello sir.. I hv meso-endomorph body type.. I gain fat very easily.. Esp. In my lower body i.e. tummy, thigh, calves.. I go gym regularly n do workout for approx 1.5-2 hrs.. M intaking musbleblaze fish oil 3 times a day before meal frm past 10 days.. N now m planning to buy muscleblaze fat burner extreme.. So is it recommendable to take fat burner along with fish oil..?? I want tonned body.. How can i get it??
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Feb 24, 2016

Take fish oil only once a day, after any meal. Yes you can take a fat burner. Take it 15 minutes before your workout. Do remember to work on your diet because only then the fat burner will be effective.


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